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The era of large-capacity offshore wind turbines

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Offshore wind power is the key development direction of the wind power industry in the future. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, China will study the key technologies of 8 MW to 10 MW offshore wind turbines, establish a large-scale wind farm group intelligent control system and operation management system, reduce the electricity cost of offshore wind farms, and achieve 5 MW to 6 MW large offshore wind turbine installation standardization and intelligent unit operation and maintenance.

“At present, many large machine manufacturers in China have launched large-scale offshore wind turbines with a single unit capacity of 3 MW to 6 MW. China's component manufacturers have been able to produce some core components such as blades, generators, converters, etc. The installation equipment can basically meet the current needs, but in the future, it needs to continue to invest as the scale of the industry increases." Qin Haiyan, secretary general of the Wind Energy Professional Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, said that the current application conditions for offshore wind power scaled, but still There are many aspects such as offshore unit technology and reliability, offshore wind farm design, and offshore wind power engineering.

With the continuous expansion of offshore wind farm development, major domestic unit manufacturers are actively investing in the research and development of high-power offshore wind turbines. The technology of 2.5~4 MW offshore wind turbines of a number of domestic major equipment manufacturers has been basically mature. The design and manufacturing capacity of 5~6.5 MW units is already in place, and it is in the prototype test stage.

“China Seawear is committed to becoming the leader of offshore wind power in China. The 5 MW offshore wind turbines have always been in the leading position in the industry since the initial development of H128, H151 and H171, and will further innovate in the future. Breakthrough and develop 10 MW offshore wind turbines and floating offshore wind power,” said Chen Minjun, former deputy general manager of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.

Qi Hesheng, Secretary General of the Wind Power Equipment Branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, put forward several suggestions for the development of offshore wind power: First, the wind power should not be used to develop offshore wind power; second, offshore wind power must be high reliability, high technology and high. The maturity will be considered; the third is to increase the relevant investment in offshore wind power and do a good job in technology research and development; the fourth is to provide green energy and green manufacturing in the process of production and construction in addition to providing clean energy.


The era of large-capacity offshore wind turbines