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Offshore wind power price policy introduced

Release time:

On June 19, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the offshore wind power price policy, determined the on-grid tariff for non-tendered offshore wind power projects put into operation before 2017, and encouraged the establishment of offshore wind power project development owners and on-grid tariffs through market competition methods such as concession bidding.

The Notice on the On-grid Price of Offshore Wind Power, published on the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, stated that for non-tender offshore wind power projects, the on-grid tariffs are determined by the two types of intertidal wind power and offshore wind power. The intertidal wind power project put into operation before 2017 includes the on-grid tariff of 0.75 yuan per kWh, and the on-grid tariff of offshore wind power projects is 0.85 yuan per kWh. The offshore wind power projects put into operation in 2017 and beyond will be separately researched and formulated according to the changes in offshore wind power technology and project construction costs, combined with the concession bidding situation.

The owner's offshore wind power project is determined through the concession bidding. The on-grid price is executed at the bid price, but it must not be higher than the government pricing level of similar projects.


Offshore wind power price policy introduced