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What is the locking principle of the locking disc?

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Extend the coupling sleeve (referred to as the expansion sleeve) and lock the coupling disc (referred to as the locking disc).

Principle; in the coupling of the wheel and the shaft, it is a keyless coupling device that achieves load transmission by tightening high-strength bolts to generate pressure and friction between the bearing surfaces to realize the parts (such as gears, flywheels, pulleys, etc.) ) A coupling to the shaft to transfer the load. When it is used, it exerts a huge holding force between the inner ring and the shaft and between the outer ring and the hub through the action of the high-strength bolt; when the load is applied, the combined pressure of the expansion sleeve and the machine member and the accompanying friction force Transfer torque, axial force or a composite load of both.

What is the locking principle of the locking disc?