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Focus on energy reform policy dividends

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On June 13, the sixth meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Leading Group was held to study China's energy security strategy.

President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech stressing: 1) Continue to develop long-distance large-capacity transmission technology. 2) Grasp the construction of new nuclear power projects in the eastern coastal areas. 3) Actively promote the reform of the energy system and pay close attention to formulating the overall plan for the reform of the power system and the reform of the oil and gas system.

This is a revolution, which indicates that China's energy strategy will undergo fundamental changes. The traditional coal-based adjustment will change, which will bring growth space for natural gas and new energy. We are optimistic about multi-level energy supply: natural gas. , hydropower, wind power, photovoltaics, nuclear power and other renewable energy sources.

Hot Review of Transmission and Distribution Market: Continue to Develop Long Distance Large Capacity Transmission Technology

1) Pay attention to the construction of UHV. Recently, the high-level frequently expressed the power to push the long-distance large-capacity transmission technology, which will bring substantial progress to the UHV approval. UHV DC and intranet AC lines will be ushered in for approval and construction, and the State Grid expects that the earliest batch of transmission channels will be completed in 2016. 2) Continue to recommend the UHV plate faucet Pinggao Electric.

PV market hot review: Ground quota is expected to increase

According to media reports, the quota of western ground power stations is expected to increase by 2-3GW in the near future, and some distributed roads in the eastern region have been issued. We believe that the industry will come in the second half of the year:

1) 14GW installed in the whole year, of which 9GW is expected to be on the ground and 5GW is distributed. 2) In the third quarter, the industry ushered in a rush to install, and the economy continued to rise.

Wind power market hot review: offshore wind power policy will be introduced

Recently, news of the introduction of offshore wind power benchmarking price policy has been frequently transmitted, or it indicates that offshore wind power construction will be heavy in the second half of the year. According to media reports, the possibility of the introduction of on-grid tariffs for offshore wind power in the second half of the year is expected to increase:

1) The introduction of the unified bidding price for offshore wind power will bring the peak of offshore wind power construction. 2) Offshore wind power will open up the growth space of the wind power industry.


Focus on energy reform policy dividends